Have you ever considered how you would maintain your lifestyle if you became sick or hurt and could not work?  Globe Insurance disability insurance policies are designed to provide simple, affordable ways to protect your income when a disability prevents you from working.  Globe Insurance disability plans also provide payment for medical expenses not covered by provincial health plans, including services provided by registered nurses and Physicians and Surgeon fees.  Plan ahead so you can relax knowing your bills will be taken care of if a disabling conditions arises.

We offer disability insurance for all occupational classes:

Truck Drivers
Industrial Workers
And much more...

disability insuranceBenefits of Disability Insurance:

  • $1,000.00 - $6,000.00 disability income per month
  • Injury ONLY or Injury & Illness Coverage
  • 24 hour or Non-Occupational Coverage
  • Choice of Elimination periods, zero, 30 or 120 days for Injury. 30 or 120 days for illness
  • Choice of Benefit periods, most occupations up to Age 70, 5 years for ALL eligible occupations
  • Disability Income Benefit based on Gross Revenue or Earned Income

Disability Insurance Plans include the following features of:

  • Partial Disability Benefit - 50% benefits for up to 180 days
  • Waiver of Premium - after 30 days of Total Disability and when benefits are payable
  • Return to Work Assistance Benefit – rehabilitation and financial assistance in returning the insured to work
  • $10,000 Accident Medical Benefit